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Website creation


By purchasing this package you are entitled to our Website Creation Service. It also entitles to our three months of Hosting and Maintenance Service.
Website creation:

Getting the domain and SSL certificate, designing and developing a website on WordPress and integrating the WooCommerce e-commerce platform and all required plugins, uploading products and everything else required to create and launch an online store.

Website hosting and maintenance:

Hosting your website, creating and hosting mailboxes, removing bugs, keeping it secure, renewing domain, renewing SSL certificates and doing all required changes (once per week) including design, functionality, products and orders on the website are all services included in this package.

  • This quotation includes all charges required for your logo, domain, mailboxes, website and online store. Only paid plugins will be charged separately, if required.
  • 17% government tax is applicable on this invoice if the payment is made from Pakistan.
  • The hosting and maintenance service will renew after three months for 30000 per quarter (3 months).

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