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Jumbolon – Website Subscription Service

Original price was: €288.Current price is: €192.

By purchasing this package you are entitled to the website hosting & maintenance service for three months:


The website platform for this multisite will be WordPress and the e-commerce platform will be WooCommerce.

Website Creation

This includes connecting the domain, getting the SSL certificate, designing and developing a website on WordPress and integrating the WooCommerce e-commerce platform and all required plugins, uploading products and everything else required to create and launch an online store.

Website Hosting

This includes providing fast and secure cloud based hosting to your multisite.

Website Maintenance

This includes managing your site, removing bugs, keeping it secure and doing all required changes and updates (once per week) including design, functionality, products and orders on the website are all services included in this package.


 This includes creating and providing upto 5 mailboxes @yourdomain for the duration of the hosting and maintenance package.


This includes redesigning the logo and colour scheme for the brand.

Multisite Backend Access

The multisite backend will consist of the following features:

  • List of users
  • Store order details and actions
  • Analytics to track visitors
  • Reports on products, customers and orders
  • Affiliate management
  • Inventory management

Store app access

You will have access to a mobile app (iOS/Android) to view and change status of your orders and edit your products and their stock quantities.



  • The Hosting and Maintenance charges of Rs.60,000 for the first quarter are being charged with this invoice. The next payment of Rs.60,000 will be due right after the first three months are over and so on.
  • This package binds you in a contract with us for three years for the hosting and maintenance package. During this time, the package cannot be cancelled.
  • The ownership of the website will remain with us. You can buy it from us later on if you want.
  • This quotation includes all charges required for your domain renewal (optional), logo redesign (optional), hosting, maintenance and mailboxes. Only paid plugins will be charged separately, if required.
  • Taxes on Pakistani companies are 16% on the total amount of the invoice. For international companies, no taxes are applicable.

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