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Custom Quotation For THM LTD


Our details

Company name: AICE
Registration number: 7341168-3
Office Address: 332-DD, DHA 4, Lahore, Pakistan
Contact number: +923006554433

By purchasing this package you will be entitled to the following services and products:

1. Website Development

We will create a website for you on WordPress, the world’s biggest website platform. We will add all required functionality including:
a. Making the site secure in every way so that it is saved from all attacks and hackers.
b. Maintaining regular website backups so that anything can be restored.
c. Enabling support for all browsers so it can be accessed from any device.
d. Optimizing the site so it works fast and loads easily.
e. Adding forms with conditional logic to take all kinds of submissions.
f. Creating as many pages as are required to display content separately.
g. Integrating the website with the booking management system.
h. Adding page descriptions for Google results and to improve SEO.
i. Adding all content to the website including all property listings, images and details.

2. Website Design

a. First of all we will create a color scheme for your website according to your company.
b. We will not use a ready made theme on your website, instead we will create the whole theme and design from scratch.
c. All pages on the website will be designed according to the same design guidelines.
d. The desktop, tablet and mobile versions of the website will be designed separately so that they look good on all devices.

3. Hosting and Maintenance (For One Year)

Website and Booking Management System Hosting
This includes:
a. Hosting your website and booking management system on a high speed server.
b. Doing regular backups of the website and booking management system.
c. Keeping the website, platform and plugins up-to-date.
d. Removing bugs caused by these updates.

Website Maintenance
This includes:
a. Doing all design changes and updates to the website.
b. Adding and removing functionality from the website as required.
c. Adding and removing property listings as per your instructions.
d. Running campaigns for sales and discounts etc.

Domain and SSL
We will get a domain for you that you want and SSL certificates to secure your website and booking management system.

4. Booking Management System

a. The system can synchronize the availability and bookings submitted through your website with those from online travel platforms like Airbnb, Booking.com, TripAdvisor, HomeAway, hotel.com, Expedia or any other that supports iCal. We will integrated all required platforms.
b. The booking management system generates unique calendars to export to external online channels and provides a way to import them from OTAs. Enjoy an automatic, near real-time synchronization (sync it as frequently as every half hour).

Property Presentation: Amenities, Image Gallery, Rates
a. Rent out unlimited categorized properties (holiday homes, hotel rooms) or just a single accommodation (a villa, a cabin, etc.). Each accommodation type is fully customizable: add its description, sleep, amenities, bed size, comments, price etc.
b. You may also display extra services and packages available for a specific accommodation type.

Mobile-friendly Property Search Form
a. Simplify the search for your guests through all accommodations with a dedicated search.
b. Guests will find a property that meets their needs and place a reservation using the booking widget regardless of the device they use.
c. Custom Fields for Advanced Property Search

Real-time Availability Calendars
a. Enable guests to check the availability of individual properties right on the website. The business management system retrieves availability data in real-time for the common search form as well as for the individual property availability calendars.
b. The status colors will show available and unavailable days.
c. One guest can reserve multiple accommodations during one booking placement.

Dynamic Seasonal Pricing
a. Regulate your property rates within any custom period: low and high seasons, holiday periods, etc. Set any prices in the preferable currency depending on a season or specific days/dates. “Season” is a general term and you can label it anyhow to reflect your pricing changes, for example, increase the pricing during any busy period.
b. The difference in price can be applied for both long and short periods (e.g. 2 days).

Complex Rates Based on Property Facilities
a. Properties of the same type are equipped differently? Maintain fenced rates for the same accommodation types with different options: nonrefundable and non-cancelable reservations, advanced amenities, breakfast, private bathroom, and more.
b. Your guests will choose the preferable one on the checkout page.

Per-person Property Rates
a. The accommodation rate can be changed automatically depending on the number of guests. You simply need to add the needed number of per-guest price variables that will be different from the base accommodation price.
b. The price rate will change dynamically based on the search parameters of your guests. You can choose to prioritize the maximum capacity number so that the number of adults and children will become flexible for each property.

Property Rates Based on the Length of Stay
a. Discounts for a longer stay? No problem! Create different price points based on the length of stay – add weekly, monthly or other rates for any custom duration.
b. The system will automatically discount the properties according to your rate rules. The longer the stay, the better per-night rate!

Discount Coupons
a. Easily create percentage, per-stay, or per-day personalized discount coupons. Set a discount amount, an expiration date, set check-in and check-out dates, min/max days to stay and more to customize your coupons for individual accommodations.
b. Sell the dreams cheaper and make each guest a loyal client!

Compulsory Taxes & Fees
a. Complete and correct tax, fee and pricing information of all accommodation charges. Add mandatory fees, accommodation taxes, service taxes and fee taxes – customize their types and charges to fit your needs.
b. Keep track on pricing information of all bookings in the dashboard and provide your guests with the pricing details.

Bookable Extras or Free Services
a. Offer additional guest services such as spa, airport-to-hotel delivery, a swimming pool, childcare, etc. that guests can add to their reservation on the checkout page.
b. Set the service price to be charged per stay, daily or let the guest choose. Per-accommodation and per-guest prices can also be configured.

Accept Payments Online or After Arrival
Confirm booking requests in the dashboard or instantly via email / upon payment. Charge a full price or deposit (fixed/percentage). Accept booking payments via PayPal, 2Checkout, Braintree, Stripe, or Beanstream/Bambora gateways. Stripe additionally allows you to receive payments through Bancontact, iDEAL, Giropay, SEPA Direct Debit and SOFORT. Let guests pay after arrival or via a direct bank transfer.

Instant or Manual Booking Confirmation
a. Confirm booking requests in a preferable way – give control over booking approval to either your guest (by clicking on a confirmation link in the email), to yourself (you approve it manually via the dashboard) or a booking will be confirmed automatically upon payment.
b. For the payments, you can set the system to charge a full price or deposit (a fixed price or percentage).

Record Reservations Manually & Edit Original Bookings
a. Accepting booking by phone? Using other traditional methods? Let your staff add bookings manually via the dashboard to keep the processes paperless. The guest can pay later after arrival or using a direct bank transfer.
b. You can also edit original booking details, e.g. switch a room or change arrival/departure dates for guests.

The Centralized Admin Bookings Calendar
a. All received booking requests and their current statuses are stored in one place, easily sorted and displayed in a color-coded calendar view.
b. Search for the needed bookings by a room type, period of booking and room status (booked, pending, available, etc.).

Customizable Min/Max Stay Requirements
a. The business management system is a flexible system of reservation restrictions and rules. Adjust your min/max stay requirement to reflect the type of guest you would prefer to host. Comply with the legal aspects of your country as for tenants and short-term guests.
b. Set min/max days to stay and available check-in and check-out dates for the entire hotel establishment, accommodations individually or seasons.

Take Properties out of Booking
a. Need to take some of your properties out of booking for renovation? This booking system allows you to block booking options for all accommodations or individual ones for a chosen period of time. The changes will be displayed in the availability calendars of each property.
b. You and the guests will receive the appropriate emails with the booking details, booking status, cancellation notifications, etc. These emails can be custom made to replace data with the booking and customer information.

Generate CSV Booking Reports
a. Generate booking reports in a single click of a button! Get a CSV file containing detailed information on all bookings made over a specified period of time filtering the bookings to be exported by 4 custom criteria: check-in date, check-out date, date of reservation or total period of stay.
b. The obtained reports can be opened and edited in Excel, Google Sheets or any other spreadsheet program and further printed out, locally saved or shared via email.

5. Trainings

We will hold detailed training sessions for your staff on using the booking management system.

6. Digital Locks & Lock System

A smart choice and best way to improve management efficiency. The quantity of 20 digital locks and lock systems will be provided to increase security with the help of this technological blessing. This reliable technology has multiple advantages:

Fast Check In/Out
More efficient management as the staff members can easily check in/out within a few seconds.

Multiple Unlock Modes
It has multi-dimensional recognition which includes mobile app, fingerprint, card, key and pass-codes.

Keep Records On Mobile App
Hotel staff can use the App to add locks, set/delete permissions when employees have App login and add device permission. Staff can be viewed/edited/deleted anytime and details page has staff information, card information and key records.

Anti-Peeping Product Structure
High hardness acrylic panel and anti-scratch to increase security. The detailed display is unique and user friendly. Lock cylinder hidden unlock when there’s no power. Also, it has a feature of temporary charging by mobile power.


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